Urban Roots

Bio Kavach Urban Roots products are superior-quality, chemical-free biofertilizers designed and developed using advanced biotechnology. These products are natural treatments for soil and help resist diseases, enhance soil quality, increase crop yield, and improve product quality.


The Urban Roots Growth Promoter is a high-performance biofertilizer manufactured using Advanced biotechnology. It treats the soil to be healthy and free of pollution.
Key Features of Urban Roots Protection Plus:
  • Provides essential Macro and Micro nutrients essential for plant growth.
  • The unique formula stimulates growth and builds resistance naturally.
  • Helps purify, treat, rejuvenate, condition, enhance and improves the soil fertility.
  • Manufactured using Green Technology, it is a safe and healthy alternative for the environment, animals, and humans.
  • It helps to enhance the soil health through Bioremediation Process
  • It is 100% natural, environmental friendly and free of any synthetic chemical fertilizers.
  • It enhances the yield and provides superior quality produce.
  • This product is abundant in Auxins, Gibberellins and Cytokinesis which are responsible for plant growth.
  • It preserves the beneficial nutrients required for optimum plant growth.
  • It is suitable for all vegetables, floral plants, indoor, ornamental and exotic plants.



The Urban Roots Protection Plus is a high-performance biological control agents. It is a superior mix of unique herbal extracts and microbes blended using advanced biotechnology.

Key Features of Urban Roots Protection Plus:
  • It is 100% safe for the environment, humans and animals.
  • It helps in acquiring systemic resistance against pest attacks or other harmful diseases to the plants.
  • It is a combination of antagonistic, fungistatic, bacteriostatic, and immuno modulators.
  • It helps the soil to maintain its natural nutrients and aids in forming antifungal agents that prevents root rot and other diseases.
  • Urban Roots Protection Plus helps develop and manage beneficial microbes in the rhizosphere to help resist soil pests and diseases.
  • It acts as a soil balancer, repellent and antifeedant.
  • This potent formula acts as a broad-spectrum control agent on all kinds of vegetables, fruits, flowers, ornamental and exotic plants.
Directions for use:

Apply once every week. If applying with spray, direct the nozzle towards the root, stem, bottom and top of the leaf and around the plant.

Spray Dosage:

7ml per 1 liter of water, spray every week.

NOTE: Use Biokavach Urban Roots Growth Promoter & Protection Plus Alternatively Every 3 Days.

Price: Rs 450/- (Each: 225/-)